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Toronto's own reflective, sentimental & soulful Alternative Pop Rock Métis Singer/Songwriter, GAELN, is a power-house in the Canadian music scene as a highly acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and lyricist. 


Performing on stages across North America, South America, and the United Kingdom, GAELN has built his own unique vibe & sound, where vulnerable & poetic prose meet Soulful groove, cinematic melodies and haunting vocals warranting GAELN being described as a silk like songwriter with an alluring edge. 


GAELN's Debut EP 'Old Muse’ is Out Now on all streaming platforms.

" This Canadian prodigy has cultivated a distinct niche for himself. GAELN’s sound feels reminiscent yet thoroughly original. It’s like tracing the lineages of iconic musicians like Sting, Hozier, and Phill Collins, and finding a new branch that blooms with the freshness of Matt Corby and Sam Fender, yet stands firmly rooted in its own uniqueness."

-Disrupt Weekly 

" Imagine yourself sailing on the stormy sea of love, but instead of a clear sky and a light wind, you encounter storms and emotional whirlpools. It is this sensation that GAELN beautifully captures in “Lighthouse.” It’s like avoiding spilling your popcorn while on an emotional rollercoaster."

-Vent Magazine


"His haunting voice and beautiful melodies stick with the listener long after his performances and create an instant connection to GAELN, not only as a songwriter, but also as a thought provoking storyteller and poet. "

-BSquared MGMT

" When GAELN’s poignant words start to fall on you like rain while you’re soaring on a musical cloud, it seems your soul is being touched by each syllable. Unlike generic pop songs, “Lighthouse” explores love in the face of depression’s raging oceans. And wow, does GAELN know how to sail through those rough seas!"

-Cali Post




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